Drop Off Form


Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge.

Have you changed residences/contact information since we last saw your cat?
Where does your cat stay?
If Escapes:
Water Intake:


Goes in the box?
Is the box covered?
What type of litter?
Urine changes?

Have you noticed?

Eye/Nose discharge?
Does it contain anything abnormal?
Straining to defecate?
Hard stool?


Is your cat on Flea/Heartworm Prevention?

Consent for Anesthesia

In the event that we are unable to examine your cat awake, we will be recommending anesthesia in order to perform a thorough examination with the least amount of stress possible. Because of his/her agitated state, we won’t be able to perform any pre-anesthetic screening. However, we feel that the risks presented by a short time under anesthesia are far outweighed by the risks of forgoing a thorough physical examination. This would add approximately $50 to your treatment plan.
Please be aware that by dropping off for an exam we will work your cat in when possible and we cannot guarantee a time frame. We will contact you as soon as we can with updates and or questions.(Required)
Our treatment plans that are put together at drop off may not include everything that the Dr. is recommending.(Required)